Alice Cooper Intro

The first main act of the so called “Night to Remember” entered the stage already at 17:30 in the afternoon. Alice Cooper performed his „Theatre of Death“ show.
For roughly 80 minutes the „old man“ presented great songs like „Schools out for Summer“. A really terrific show with lots of magic tricks on stage fascinated the audience, nevertheless the spark was never really ignited.

Mambo Kurt Intro

Also this year the king of home-organ may not be missing on this festival. I heard of him for the first time round about 10 years ago (to that time at the king of German late night Harald Schmidt) and so I wanted to have this cool trashy home-organ sound for the closure of this day.

Soul Stealer Intro

More or less by accident I stranded on at the Soul Stealer concert on the WET stage. After the Red Hot Chili Pipers had finished, I was looking around if somewhere was still live music and the Lithuanian Metal Battle winner had just entered the stage.

Red Hot Chili Pipers Intro

After a short walk across the medieval market following to the Fiddler’s Green concert I stayed there to watch a somehow uncommon band. The Red Hot Chili Pipers are a Scottish band converting popular rock songs into the world of pipes and drums.

Fiddler's Green Intro

On Wednesday evening this years‘ Wacken Open Air started for me with the first concert. The band Fiddler’s Green was up to now only known to me from CD’s and finally I wanted to see them live. Many others had the same idea because of the quite small area in front of the stage was jam-packed. (maybe the larger Party-Stage would have been a better place for their gig).