Fiddler's Green Article

04.08.2010 Fiddler's Green

Wacken Open Air XXI

Wacken (Germany)

(Panasonic DMC-TZ7)

On Wednesday evening this years‘ Wacken Open Air started for me with the first concert. The band Fiddler’s Green was up to now only known to me from CD’s and finally I wanted to see them live. Many others had the same idea because of the quite small area in front of the stage was jam-packed. (maybe the larger Party-Stage would have been a better place for their gig).
That could not harm the atmosphere and also a shower in between did not change anything on that. The band played a great concert and cast a spell on the audience immediately. Because of circle-pits being forbidden (although it would not fit to the kind of music they played) the singer had thought of a nice alternative. So he asked the people to simply walk around the sound tower in a huge circle what was followed by nearly all. That was really impressive!
Appropriately the singer said after the concert during his farewell that they just recorded a new concert-DVD but rather should have done this at Wacken. Not only Fiddler’s Green was enthused by the concert, also for me it had been the best concert of WOA 2010.


  • Sports Day Theme
  • Life Full Of Pain
  • All These Feelings
  • Irish Air
  • Mrs. McGrath
  • Kick The Bucket Tunes (bucket solo)
  • Rose In The Heather
  • Folk's Not Dead
  • Rocky Road To Dublin
  • The Night Pat Murphy Died
  • Shut Up And Dance
  • Bugger Off


  • Girls Along The Road