Heidevolk Intro

The band Arafel around Ex-Equilibrium singer Helge I skipped (the day would anyhow be long enough) to have a short break. So I continued with the second special guest of the day: the Dutch folk metal band Heidevolk with their two singers Joris Boghtdrincker and Mark Splintervuyscht. Although they were only singing in their national language Dutch there were many people at the audience knowing the lyrics and singing along loudly.

Kivimetsän Druidi Intro

Blow on blow it directly continued after a short break for changing the stage setting with Kivimetsän Druidi. The Finnish symphonic / folk metaller around front woman Leeni-Maria Hovila entered the stage and she directly was pointing out with her outfit. A short black top with black and white ribbons and a long black skirt.

Obscurity Intro

It is long time ago since I have been at the Turbinenhalle for the last time but for this years Paganfest (at Oberhausen even in an extra long version as additionally to the normal lineup Obscurity, Heidevolk and Eluveitie are with them) it finally was again the time.