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06.08.2011 Iced Earth

Wacken Open Air XXII

Wacken (Germany)

(Pentax k-x with Tamron SP AF 17-50mm 2.8 XR Di II LD Asp IF and Sigma AF 50-150mm 2.8 EX DC APO HSM II)

So, spent enough time inside the tent. Outside there was not the nicest weather but at least it was dry. No it meant to take out the handkerchieves as the American heavy metal band Iced Earth would be on stage for the last time with the known line-up. Why this very special concert of the quite well known band had to take place at 17:30 in the afternoon and also for 60 minutes only will remain the secret of the promoters forever. It was not really suitable at all!
At least that did not do any harm to the atmosphere as the guys were celebrated all the time and again and again "Matt Barlow" chants were intonated. The set formed a nice cross section although the time was quite limited. But with crackers like the opener "Burning Times" or the great "Something Wicked" trilogy and the goosebump ballad "I Died For You" not only singer Matt Barlow could show his skills. Also his band members the guitarists Jon Schaffer and Troy Seele as well as bassist Freddie Vidales and drummer Brend Smedly fired out everything they could. Great solos, again and again the interaction with the audience and terrific moods in front of the stage. That was really a worthy end. And so Matt Barlow finally was seen of by Iced Earth mastermind Jon Schaffer in a really touching scene. before he finally left the stage for the last time after the last song "Iced Earth" to have more time for looking after his family in future.
That has been a really great concert altough due to the short time of only 60 minues of course many hits like e.g. the wonderful "Watching Over Me" could not be played. What the promoters made to give this band this unthankful and short slot will never be announced for sure, they did not do themselves a service at all by this! And so there will remain only the memory to a really great Matt Barlow. A replacement for him was already found in person of Stuart Block but if he will be able to replace him adequately he will have to prove in future. But it will not be that easy!


  • Burning Times
  • Declaration Day
  • Vengeance Is Mine
  • Violate
  • Last December
  • I Died For You
  • Jack
  • The Hunter
  • Prophecy
  • Birth Of The Wicked
  • The Coming Curse


  • Iced Earth