Within Temptation Article

13.11.2012 Within Temptation

Sportpaleis, Antwerp (Belgium)

(Olympus XZ-1)

This gig of Within Temptation was largely announced beforehand. It was at least not less than the jubilee show to their 15th year of existence. That should be celebrated largely and so at the Belgium Antwerp an appropriate big stage was built. Of course again a big screen had to be installed there but in front of it additionally a complete symphonic orchestra and a big choir.
But first you had to wait for them and during that time background videos of the already released DVDs were shown to let the time pass faster. By them you could follow the development of the band starting at the album "Enter" till their current climax with "Black Symphony". However I found this item somehow disappointing as they could have made something more special. But that should be the only point of criticism of the evening. Especially well-made I found the stage reaching into the audience via catwalks taking them closer into the action. At 21:00 it was the time and after 45 minutes of videos finally the orchestra entered the stage to pave the way for Within Temptation by a great intro (first something self-made, afterwards "The Silent Force"). Within Temptation directly started lively with "Iron". Sharon first was wearing a wide dark dress and a golden headband but during the songs she removed the dress revealing a golden hoop skirt and a golden body suit beneath. Looked strange somehow but I do not have to wear it. Therefore musically it was continued with the latest album "The Unforgiving". Very effective on and on a thing looking like an oversized piece of cheese was lowered from the roof where on displays scenes from in front of the stage or videos were shown. Additionally it was used to get Robert Westerholt on stage (and he seemed to be very free from giddiness).
Afterwards they continued by mixing songs from all albums. Unfortunately Sharon had during the first verse of "Our Solemn Hour" a complete blackout and sung everything but the real lyrics. That continued from the refrain. Let's see if that part will be missing on the concert DVD or not as the whole concert was filmed by numerous cameras. As it was a retrospective onto 15 changing years of band history also old band members may not be missing. They were nearly all there. Besides Robert Westerholt also the former drummer Ivar de Graf could be welcomed. He was accompanying Sharon during "Never Ending Story" not on its used instrument but on an acoustic guitar instead. But later during "Summertime Sadness" he was standing behind his drum set. During "Candles" Martijn Westerholt was back on keyboards for one more time. But of course also the guest appearances may not be forgotten to mention. That was on the one hand George Oosthoek who can meanwhile be tied to large Within Temptation shows for sure and on the other hand during "Our Farewell" Isabella Scholten singing a wonderful duet with Sharon.
t the weeks before the gig Within Temptation had a consistent slot at a local radio station where they presented a new cover version each Friday. And so as you could expect it there was a part during the show where on the one hand they performed the David Guetta song "Titanium" followed by Lana Del Rays "Summertime Sadness" and finally Bruno Mars "Grenade". All really cool adaptations. Finally the show was closed by two classic songs they always play at the end. Because before "The Unforgiving" it was always "Ice Queen" and since last year it is always "Stairway To The Skies".
A tremendous show, a really great retrospective, lots of old fellows, this time not only much was promised but also kept in the end. From performance point of view they really had everything: an increadible light show, pyro effects, nice props like the oversized mirror balls. Additionally the great inclusions of the audience via the stage construction which was used all the time by everyone of the band to be within the crowd. "The First Challenge" had been a huge bummer so "Elements" will remain in mind as a really great concert"!


  • Intro Il Novecento Orchestra
  • Intro The Silent Force
  • Iron
  • In The Middle Of The Night
  • Faster
  • Fire And Ice
  • Our Solemn Hour
  • Stand My Ground
  • Angels
  • Cello Intro
  • The Last Dance
  • Never-Ending Story (with Ivar de Graaf (acoustic guitar))
  • Say My Name
  • Candles (with Martijn Westerholt and George Oosthoek)
  • Sinéad (short movie)
  • Sinéad
  • Titanium (David Guetta cover)
  • Summertime Sadness (Lana Del Rey cover, with Ivar de Graaf (2nd drums))
  • Grenade (Bruno Mars cover)
  • The Promise
  • Memories
  • Mother Earth
  • What Have You Done
  • Our Farewell (with Isabella Scholten)
  • Ice Queen
  • Stairway To The Skies