Anwynn Article

20.10.2012 Anwynn

Metal Female Voices Fest X

Oktoberhallen Wieze (Belgium)

(Pentax K-5 with Tamron SP AF 17-50mm 2.8 XR Di II LD Asp IF and Sigma AF 50-150mm 2.8 EX DC APO HSM II)

The 10. edition of Metal Female Voices Fest already started the evening before but as first no band was announced and shortly before the festival finally the association Eve's Apple should form the whole evening for me it was very quickly clear that I would earliest arrive on Saturday morning at Belgium. Although it was starting quite early in the morning the venue was way more filled than the years before.
The beginning was formed by a local band from Belgium: Anwynn. The band consists out of the both singer Amandine Blanquet and Vincent "McBouc" Carton as well as the guitarists Laurent "Wallace" Hunaerts and Julien "Jukka" Huyssens, the bassist Vincent "Wobi" Van Loo, drummer Florent "Flush" Boudry and keyboarder Astrid Kaisermann. That lead to the situation that it was quite crowded on stage what meant that keyboarder Astrid Kaisermann unfortunately was positioned at the outer edge completely in the background where she could only be seen very late or not at all by many of the audience. Somehow a pity. Therefore the others instead were swirling across the stage even more. The guys wearing a Scotish kilt and partially with war paint matching perfectly to the Celtic influenced melodic death metal who was thrown against one. In that McBouc took over the grunts and striking around with his sword quite impressive whilst Amandine Blaquet represented the more moderate sounds. This mixture seemed to work well and was getting the crowd in front of the stage directly to working temperature what could not be seen very often during the last years at openers. You got something to hear from thier sole album "Forbidden Songs" of which of course also the namegiving song was played.
So, there were already way worse opener especially as this early slot is of course always quite unthankful. Anwynn could have easily played on one of the later slots because they really could convince the audience. For me it was a lot of fun just like for the others in the audience. In my point of view it could continue like that.


  • Intro
  • Free
  • Conquistador
  • Requiscaty in Pace
  • Forbidden Songs
  • At The Gates Of Madness
  • Anwynn