Epica Intro

After Xandria had left the stage it was enlargened for the highlight of the festival. As no other band is so connected to the Metal Female Voices Fest than the band Epica. Not less than 8 gigs they played there (only during the last year the paused). Who else would have been more predestinated to headline the festival?

Xandria Intro

And directly afterwards the next band that I already could admire the year before. The German band Xandria was allowed to test on Friday evening how whether they are able to enthuse the crowd with their new style and her new front women Manuela Kraller. That appealed so well that they were headlining the Sunday evening this year.

Diabulus In Musica Intro

It is the third year in a row that the Spanish symphonic metal band Diabulus In Musica thanks to their promoter 2Wild4 is with the festival on one of the main slots. With them they brought their current album "The Wanderer" and their debut "Secrets".

Trail Of Tears Intro

After the Norwegian gothic metaller of Trail Of Tears were already guests last year, they could go for it once more this year. And without to tell too much the show was great as usual!

Sarah Jezebel Deva Intro

The last time Sarah Jezebel Deva was guest at Metal Female Voices Fest two years ago. To that time with a really disappointing show where she was standing shy and frightened at the background of the stage and let her bassist take the action.

Trillium Intro

Blow on blow it continued. Trillium only released one album but it is the band of Amanda Somerville who proved already at other project her voice skills.

69 Chambers Intro

For a second time that day with 69 Chambers a Swiss band entered the stage. The were not rookies at the festival as they were there already at the 8th edition. Meanwhile a little redeployment. Besides the last show bassist Maddy Madarasz is not with her anymore. Her part is taken over by front woman Nina Treml who is supported by guitarist Tommy Vetterly and drummer Diego Rapacchietti.

Meden Agan Intro

Also on the second day the support for the Greek went on. With Meden Agan the opera singer (better diva) Iliana Tsakiraki could finally enter the stage with her own band after she already supported Eve's Apple and Skeptical Minds. The style of their music can simply be discribed by symphonic metal.

November 7 Intro

Let's head over to the first surprise of the day: the Swiss confederates sent November 7 towards Belgium to mix up the venue by true metal of the style of the early-days Lacuna Coil albums.

Valkyre Intro

The last festival day started, something later than last year. But therefore at least not so frozen. Anyhow, the standard way of most of the people: first get a coffee to wake up and get warm. Afterwards take a look at how the day will start.