Subway To Sally Intro

At the end just like two years ago the German middle ages band Subway To Sally played. Even when the numbers were dwindling due to several people alread starting their trip home or going to their tents.

Lingua Mortis Orchestra feat. Rage Intro

We were hitting the home stretch of the Wacken Open Air and on the Black Stage to that late point in time it was getting quite cosy (what you are not able to tell of the audience in front of the stage because there were not so many people anymore). The Dortmung metal combo Rage always has had a high affinity to classical support and so the cooperation with an orchestra was simply outsourced and called Lingua Mortis Orchestra feat. Rage.

Nightwish Intro

The tension was rising into the immesurable because the Finns of Nightwish should have their great show with their new front woman Floor Jansen on the Wacken Open Air and this should additionally be banned on celluloid so that towards the end of the year a new bluray of that concert could be released.

Alice Cooper Intro

After 2010 Alice Cooper was back in Wacken and had brought his horror show with him. Since then the line-up of his band has dramatically changed and only bass player Chuck Garric is left over of the 2010 combo. They are meanwhile supported by Glen Sobel on drums, as well as Tommy Henriksen, Ryan Roxie and Orianthi playing the guitar parts.

Trivium Intro

Being dry again and back at the True Metal Stage there was already a quite impressive crowd waiting for the US trasher of Trivium.

Danzig Intro

The horned skull was situated above the Black Stage and annoucing clearly: this is where Danzig is going to heavily blast the field. There should be one special thing about the gig as there was announced to be a Misfits special.

Sonata Arctica Intro

In front of the Party Stage it was slowly getting crowded and just in time the guys of the Finnish power metal band Sonata Arctica entered the stage. You could directly from the start see that they were really up for it. Toni Kakko swirled across the stage and used his microphone stand as air guitar and also drummer Tommy Portimo was grinning from ear to ear all the time.

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter Intro

After the mariners of Alestorm safely reached the harbor it continued on the True Metal stage in front of which it already was quite cozy. With the Apokalyptischen Reiter it should continue mainly with German lyrics.

Alestorm Intro

After a swinging start with Callejon I sailed over to the Party Stage where Alestorm was laying at anchor to enter Wacken. The Scottish band around band leader Christopher Bowes had their self named True Scottish Pirate Metal with them.

Callejon Intro

On Saturday morning there was firstly the Rhenish metal core group Callejon to get the tired limbs going again. Although it was quite earl that day in front of the True Metal Stage there were already quite a lot of people.