Saltatio Mortis Intro

After Slayer blew away your ears now over to something completely different. The guys of Saltatio Mortis were allowed to besiege the Party Stage at this late hour and enthuse the masses with their middle age rock. Indeed there were also bass, guitars and drums but they were complemented by a huge number of medieval instruments. Mainly Alea der Bescheidene was hosting through the set but was actively supported by his fellows.

Slayer Intro

Unfortunately the gig of Hell overlapped a little bit with the start of Slayer’s gig but luckily I was able to get quite quick from the Bullhead tent to the True Metal Stage where the sounds of “Hell Awaits“ and “The Antichrist“ were already blasting out towards me. Across the usual ways I was able to stand quite close to the stage in front of which it was extremely crowded which you could not tell of the stage itself. Anyhow it was quite impressive watching the men around singer Tom Araya displaying their fireworks and more of importance to hear them playing.

Hell Intro

Hell is a band from the English Nottingham having passed a very changeful history. Already in the beginning of the 80ies they tried to establish themselves in the music business influenced by the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal with a significant more progressive alignment. Because of their lyrics related to occultism they were counted to the founders of occultism metal. But except some demos there were no other releases to that time so that they separated after falling through of their first album contract in 1987.

Apocalyptica Intro

Just like the years before there was also this year again a stage completely filled by a symphonic orchestra. The only thing that did point to a metal concert was the drum set treated by Mikko Sirén. Otherwise only classical instruments were populating the True Metal Stage. Apocalyptica was this year on tour together with the Finnish Avanti! Chamber orchestra and was making a stop at Wacken.

Children Of Bodom Intro

I was already looking forward to the Finnish metaller of Children Of Bodom. Unfortunately they had to start earlier compared to the last time and so the five gentlemen were standing their in the bright evening sun.

Heaven Shall Burn Intro

Finally getting the auditory canal blown free again that is what Heaven Shall Burn from the Thuringia Saalfeld is just the right thing for. Already 2011 the guys knew to enthuse the audience from the Black Stage and today should not be less lively.

Bring Me The Horizon Intro

After the awesome gig of Five Finger Death Punch there was the complete opposite by the British Bring Me The Horizon. The five guys from Sheffield had metal core from their current album “Sempiternal” with them. Except two songs they played only stuff of this extremely hyped long-player.

Five Finger Death Punch Intro

Actually, I would have liked to see the American heavy metal band Five Finger Death Punch last year on Forta Rock Festival at Nijmegen but unfortunately, they had to cancel their show short-timed. So it was until this year to have this premiere.

Knorkator Intro

I went on to the Party Stage were already „Germany’s most band of the world“ was waiting: Knorkator. The weird shows have lots of followers you could already see by the fact that it was completely crowded on the area in front of the stage.

Skid Row Intro

The first slot of the day is always the most unthankfully one and this year the hard rockers of Skid Row had unfortunately the honor to start. At least some people already gathered in front of the Party Stage when the guys around singer Johnny Solinger started.