Accept Intro

The big headliner of the first evening was formed by Accept. The band that had a lot of personal changes and was also separated and reunited several times is never the less existing already since the early 70s. To that time with Udo Dirkschneider as singer (having today big success with U.D.O.) but in the current formation not worse compared to that time.

Saxon Intro

This year just like two years ago the British band Saxon was the main act of the evening. Before that you had unfortunately to wait another quarter hour as two wannabe-Copperfields (named Ehrlich Brothers) thought of presenting their magic tricks on the True Metal Stage.

Steel Panther Intro

So and after solid Swedish heavy metal it was getting hot on the True Metal Stage when the glam rockers of Steel Panther entered the stage. Meanwhile it was quite well crowded and the audience was speculating on something that is guaranteed on Steel Panther concerts: tits!

HammerFall Intro

Finally I went on Thursday evening over to the main area. There should be a nice Swedish band playing called Hammerfall. They had taken some time off but it seems that they got bored of it (at least if you can trust the words of singer Joacim Cans).

Fiddler's Green Intro

It was five years ago that I saw the six guys from Erlangen for the first time at the very same place. And also today the area in front of the Wackinger was more than crowded having the best weather you could imagine. There seemed to be even more people like me that were not interested in comedy (Why somebody like Bülent Ceylan gets 45 minutes on the main stage? Why is there comedy at a metal festival? That is something the promoters should think about.)

Earth Divide Intro

With the Faeroe Metal-Battle winner Earth Divide I started the first official festival day progressively. The five guys directly played at full force and made a very professional impression. And this even they were only founded at 2010.

John Diva Intro

OK, beforehand the website somehow scared me away but after Ax ‘N Sex I did not feel like walking over to the Wackinger Stage so that I thought: “Let’s take a look what this will be like. If I do not like it I will still be in the position to leave/p>

Ax 'N Sex Intro

After I took it easy on Wednesday it finally was the time in the evening where I went to see the second band of this year’s Wacken Open Air at the large tent. In this case it was something special as Ax ‘n Sex from Kiel were already there on stage at the very first Wacken in 1990 playing only in front of a few hundred people.

Red Helen Intro

To warm up I went to the tent to watch the South-African Metal-Battle winner. The five guys from Johannisburg took the long way to Schleswig-Holstein upon themselves and were now presenting their music.