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Death Alley Article

02.06.2018 Death Alley


Goffertpark Nijmegen (Netherlands)

(Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II)

After the disappointing performance of DragonForce I went over to the open-air theatre where a stage was setup. The tribune was already extremely well filled just like the corridors (later that day due to overfilling the entrance to the Theatre Stage was even closed) when the guys of Death Alley entered the stage at about 15:00.
By this they were the first ones to play on this new stage. They presented quite good hard rock with some psychedelic influences so that you were reminded of the 70s. According to that the four gentlemen from Amsterdam were absolutely looking in proper style. With their songs mainly from the last two albums “Black Magick Boogieland” (directly opening with the name giving track) and “Superbia” they could get the mass moving right from the start. Great vocal parts combined with snotty rocking tones and again and again brilliant guitar solos that were really fun. The sound was not as powerful and good compared to the large stages but that did not do any harm to the good atmosphere. For something in between, I really liked the band but the style is not fully mine so that it will be a one-off.


  • Black Magic Boogieland
  • Headlights In The Dark
  • Shake The Coil
  • The Chain
  • Feeding The Lions
  • Stalk Eye
  • Murder Your Dreams
  • The Sewagelt's On
  • Supernatural Predator