Children Of Bodom Article

03.08.2018 Children Of Bodom

Wacken Open Air XXIX

Wacken (Germany)

(Pentax K-5 with Sigma AF 70-200mm 2.8 EX DC APO HSM II)

After the calmer sounds of Schandmaul now back to serious metal. Once again I did not insist on watching the Finns of Children Of Bodom that were keen on playing like they always were and showed that they were rightly one of the main acts.
The guys around front man Alex Laiho did not hesitate long time and were firing directly with “Are You Dead Yet?” the first serious broadside at the crowd. Characteristic for Children Of Bodom is the interaction between Alex speedy fingers on guitar and the speedy fingers of keyboarder Janne Viljami Wirman. There were several of these duels and interplays that could be admired. Wirman had enough time in-between to either film the audience on the holy acre or to pick up another drink. But also the other band members could fully convince and took care that inside the crowd again and again pits were opened, it was loudly sang along and all the time the arms were up in the air.
At the background of the stage there was a huge Hate Crew Deathroll banner and according to that the equally named song of the also equally named album may of course not be missing. But also through the rest of the set they were brachiating from one classic to the other. No matter if it was “Needled 24/7” or “Hate Me!” of the successful album “Follow The Reaper”. Unfortunately, they had to start at the early evening whilst the sun was going down, just like at their last gig on Wacken 2014 that I watched. So the nice light effects were completely fallen by the wayside. But never mind as the great sound is anyhow much more important. Who likes melodic death metal with speedy finger solos should definitely make a visit at the guys from Finland when they are nearby. It is absolutely worth it!


  • Are You Dead Yet?
  • In Your Face
  • I Worship Chaos
  • Blooddrunk
  • Angels Don’t Kill
  • Needled 24/7
  • Hate Me!
  • Everytime I Die
  • Downfall
  • Hate Crew Deathroll
  • Towards Dead End