Belarus - Kazakhstan Article

09.05.2010 Preliminary Round Group A: Belarus - Kazakhstan 5:2

Icehockey WC 2010 at Germany

Lanxess Arena, Cologne (Germany)

(Pentax k-x with Tamron SP AF 17-50mm 2.8 XR Di II LD Asp IF and Sigma AF 50-150mm 2.8 EX DC APO HSM II)

Belarus as well as the promoted team of Kazakhstan were not fancied in their group A but nevertheless it was not a boring game which was shown on 09.05. at the Lanxess-Arena at Cologne.
The first period was mainly affected by each team testing the other and remained without goals. But already during the second period the Kazakhs were fed up and started to increase pressure. This was rewarded in minute 21. when Dimitri Dudarew was able to score the 1:0. But not enough with that. The pressure was kept high and so 10 minutes later Wladimir Antipin increased the lead to 2:0. 7 victories the Belarus had from the currently 8 face offs but this evening everything was going completely in a wrong direction.
To keep this flawless balance they increased their efforts and were directly rewarded by two goals in a row. First it was Dimitri Meleshko marking the 1:2. Only 79 seconds later it was Michail Stefanowitsch to score the leveler. Even when the Kazakhs afterwards came better back into the game they were not lucky in scoring. But the same for the stronger playing Belarus.
This should be changed during the third period. First it was Alexej Kalushny scoring the first time lead for Blearus and Ruslan Salei increasing this result in minute 51. The final point was made by Sergej Demagin in minute scoring the final result of 5:2 which at least was a little bit too obvious. Because that dominating as the result is making you thinking of the Belarus was not the truth. It was more that the Kazakhs were had huge issues in transforming their numerous opportunities into countable success. And so it was the expected 8th victory in the 9th face off of both teams.


Belarus - Kazakhstan 5:2 (0:0 / 2:2 / 3:0)

20:17 / 0:1 / Dimitri Dudarew

30:30 / 0:2 / Wladimir Antipin

32:09 / 1:2 / Dimitri Meleschko

33:39 / 2:2 / Michail Stefanowitsch

44:21 / 3:2 / Alexej Kalushny

50:14 / 4:2 / Ruslan Salei

58:20 / 5:2 / Sergej Demagin