Slovakia - Denmark Article

14.06.2010 Both games of the 3rd preround gameday of group D online

Today even three new games are online. On the one hand the closure of the pre round phase of group A, where the Russians beat the Belarusians by 3:1 and the Slovaks sending the Kazakhs into the relegation round by a 5:1 victory.

Furhtermore the first qualification round game where the Danes played against the Slovaks and decided the game already during the first period by 6:0.


13.05.2010 PR Russia - Belarus at the Lanxess Arena at Cologne (D)
13.05.2010 PR Kazakhstan - Slovakia at the Lanxess Arena at Cologne (D)
14.05.2010 QR Slovakia - Denmark at the Lanxess Arena at Cologne (D)