Leaves' Eyes Article

04.06.2011 New pictures of the Leaves' Eyes concert at the Atak at Enschede

On 23.04.2011 the two bands Midnattsol and Leaves' Eyes presented their new albums released the day before at the Atak at Enschede. They were supported by the Austrian symphonic metal band Serenity.

Because of the chaos with the schedule when the concert should start in the beginning there were not many people at the hall but luckily that was getting better during the concert. There were good vibes, the bands liked playing and all in all it was a perfect evening. The pictures of that night you can find inside the category concerts.


23.04.2011 Serenity at the Atak at Enschede (NL)
23.04.2011 Midnattsol at the Atak at Enschede (NL)
23.04.2011 Leaves' Eyes at the Atak at Enschede (NL)