Stahlzeit Article

Cold, hot and animalistic

First, I spontaneously paid a visit between Christmas and New Year to the small Dutch town Zwolle. At the local exhibition hall respectively a specially built tent next to it a small but very impressive ice sculpture festival took place. After one was able to admire the artworks at arctic temperatures one was finally quite happy to get back into the warm.
Nobody could complain about too low temperatures afterwards in January at the quite well crowded EmslandArena. As the Rammstein cover band just like their big models let the stage burn. Two and a half hour great entertainment with a singer Heli Reißenweber giving one the feeling that Till Lindemann personally was watched and heared live on stage as well as a band that was in no way inferior to the original. Simply brilliant!
When the weather was getting better and the temperatures were rising at the outside I paid a visit to the zoo at Nordhorn in April. The concept of a classic zoo with small cages was changed across the years to one with large and accessible enclosures. That was very successful and is in each case worth a visit!


29.12.2018 Ice sculpture festival at Zwolle
25.01.2019 Stahlzeit
25.04.2019 Zoo at Nordhorn

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