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Rammstein Article

07.03.2012 Deathstars and Rammstein at the Ahoy Rotterdam

On this years "Made In Germany" tour the followers stopped on 04.03.2012 at the Ahoy Rotterdam. The renewed and modernized arena was a great place for the Swedish industrial and gothic metal men of Deathstars to show their skills. Their entertaining show prepared the audience for the main act of the evening: Rammstein. Two hours they were moving the crowd in front of the stage. Lots of pyros and great show ideas were surrounding the best-of compilation with a cross section of all their albums. A really great show, fantastic moods on and in front of the stage letting one go home with a big smile on the face.


04.03.2012 Deathstars at the Ahoy at Rotterdam (NL)
04.03.2012 Rammstein at the Ahoy at Rotterdam (NL)

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