Nightwish Article

For the second time guest on this great festival

Surprisingly I won tickets for the FortaRock Festival at Nijmegen. As I did not have time on Friday I was only there on Saturday but that day had plenty to offer. The program was very rich in variety and had someting for everyone.
No matter whether it were epic pieces from Týr and Nightwish, 70s rock with Death Alley, progressive metal from Meshuggah... The list could be continued for a long time. I liked it again very much on this familiar festival and I find the relaxed atmosphere and the great organisation really remarkable. A festival at which I was for sure guest not for the last time.


02.06.2018 Vuur
02.06.2018 Týr
02.06.2018 DragonForce
02.06.2018 Death Alley
02.06.2018 Avatar
02.06.2018 Baroness
02.06.2018 Alestorm
02.06.2018 Meshuggah
02.06.2018 Nightwish