Blutengel Article

29.10.2013 Wonderful shows of Staubkind and Blutengel

Last weekend a very special concert should take place at the Turbinenhalle at Oberhausen. This you already got aware after you entered the hall fully provided with seats. First the band from Berlin called Staubkind came onto the stage, supported by a cellist and a violinist, to play a wonderful and energetic acoustic set during that not everybody stayed on his seat.

So, the athmosphere was already gorgeous as around 22:00 the highlight of the evening started. Blutengel had a small chamber orchestra with them and set their songs to music in a complete new way. Unusual soft sounds that charmed every auditor immediately. At the beginning the thought was: Blutengel, otherwise very electronic, and that now played on classical instruments? That works? But I got to know better during this evening and very enthused listened to the well coherent arrangements. 90 minutes of goose bumps, that is how you would summarize it best.


26.10.2013 Staubkind at the Turbinenhalle at Oberhausen (D)
26.10.2013 Blutengel at the Turbinenhalle at Oberhausen (D)