Sancta Terra Artikel

Website shining like new

Today is finally the day. After a lot of efforts the website is finally in a new version with new outfit and updated foundation online. There will for sure be some issues until everything is finally running as expected so there is my request to inform me via a short mail in case you find something (as the website has extremely grown since its start you can easily oversee something).

There are some improvements:

  • The website is from now on not only available in German but also in English
  • The new pictures will be provided with an increased resolution
  • The picture were optimized with regards to data volume
  • The website should now be better presented on mobile devices

Related to many pleasant and unpleasant private changes it unfortunately took way longer than originally planned but I hope from now on to present new content to you on a regular basis and gradually also to upload the old missing concert reviews. I hope very much that you like the new design and would be very happy about feedback of any kind.