Amorphis Article

28.12.2011 Amorphis

Hyde-Park, Osnabrück (Germany)

(Olympus XZ-1)

Towards 22:00 it finally was the time and the guys of Amorphis entered the stage. The Hyde-Park was meanwhile quite well filled, the visitors really in a good mood so everything was prepared for a great concert.
There was something to hear out of each album they released during the last 10 years. Not only songs of the latest album "The Beginning Of Time" forming the majority but also pieces from "Skyforger", "Magic&Mayhem", "Eclipse", "Silent Waters" or "AM Universe". Front men Tomi Koivusaari impressed with his unique voice that first in a wonderful clear manner was casting a spell over you just to change into abyssal growls in no time. On hit was chasing the other. Especially funny was the start of "Vulgar Necrolatry" when Tomi intonated the refrain of the Rammstein song "Pussy". Due to that not only on his face a really big grin could be observed.
The time passed by much too fast and soon already with "My Kantele" and "House Of Sleep" the last two songs were announced. The audience was way more active compared to the support acts and so not only on stage they ensured good moods. Permanently it was sang along loudly and the arms were waving through the air. In my point of view a really terrific gig that was much better than the one 2010 at Wacken Open Air.


  • Intro
  • Song Of The Sage
  • Mermaid
  • The Smoke
  • Against Widows
  • Towards And Against
  • You I Need
  • Sky Is Mine
  • Karelian Intro
  • Vulgar Necrolatry
  • Into Hiding
  • Crack In A Stone
  • Alone
  • Sampo


  • Sky Forger Intro
  • Silver Bride
  • My Kantele
  • House Of Sleep