Leprous Article

28.12.2011 Leprous

Hyde-Park, Osnabrück (Germany)

(Olympus XZ-1)

The guys of Leprous brought as second band of the evening some harder sounds onto the stage. With their progressive metal they hasted very energetic across the unfortunately quite dark stage. They played except "Dare You" only songs of their latest longplayer "Bilateral".
Singer and keyboarder einer Solberg played and screamed his mind to heaven just like his colleagues Tor Oddmund Suhrke, Oystein Landsverk and Rein Blomquist on string instruments as well as Tobias Ornes Andersen on drum set. That was quite impressive but did not fully fit into this evening. That was also seen like this by the other visitors as the reactions were even more restricted than during The Man-Eating Tree. It was not really mine and so I put it into the category: nice to have it heard but not very interesting.


  • Thorn
  • Restless
  • MB. Indifferentia
  • Waste Of Air
  • Dare You
  • Forced Entry