Ill Niño Article

06.08.2010 Amorphis

Wacken Open Air XXI

Wacken (Germany)

(Panasonic DMC-TZ7)

After the lunch break there should be a little bit more straight forward metal to be heared and so I had the band Ill Niño on my list. The nu-metal guys around frontman Christian Marchado with their Latin-American influences put you really in a good mood.
The band was really straight forward with songs like “I Am Loco” or “This Is War“ and so quickly the first circle-pits grew. All in all a good and entertaining show.


  • If You Still Hate Me
  • Te Amo...I Hate You
  • Corazon Of Mine
  • I Am Loco
  • Lifeless...Life
  • This Is War
  • Alibi Of Tyrants
  • Rumba
  • My Resurrection
  • God Save Us
  • When It Cuts
  • Liar