Edguy Intro

The last band of this year's Wacken Open Air was announced as surprise act and behind that the Hessian band Edguy was hidden. At that point I have to arise significant criticism directed to the promoters as either Edguy as well as Leningrad Cowboys playing in parallel at the Bullhead Tent due to their fame really received the most unthankful slots!

Ministry Intro

After the guys of Machine Head directly blast one away now it was going into a completely different direction. Ministry were guests and presented a very special show. During that not only the artists were in the foreground as the stage was enlightened with very low lights during the concert in alternating colours. This was supported by psychedelic videos on the screens matching to the songs of the head of the band Al Jourgensen.

Machine Head Intro

After gotten completely wet during Scorpions and the exhaust was slowly increasing I nearly was over with this year's Wacken and wanted to go back to the camping ground. Whilst drinking a cola at one of the boothes the guys of Machine Head started playing and freed new power inside of me with the final decision: "OK, let's go until the bitter end!"

Scorpions Intro

The Hannover guys were largely announced beforehand. Their last open air show in Europe it should be (believe it or not...) and so technically nearly everything was shown. Huge LED walls on stage and a drum set high up in the air in the middle of it was looking quite impressive. But first of all it meant that we had to wait as the Scorpions were starting way too late. With nearly 15 minutes of delay the intro video started during which they entered the stage and began with "Sting In The Tail".

Amon Amarth Intro

At the back of the stage there were the burning riders and it was obviously what should follow: Amon Amarth, the Swedish viking export was ready to conquer the True-Metal Stage. In front of that just like in front of the Black-Stage next to it was chock-full with the people having large expectations.

Cradle Of Filth Intro

Originally Cradle Of Filth should have played on Wacken Open Air already the year before but singer Dani Filth got injured so that they had to cancel the gig. Therefore he directly promised to be there in 2012 what he was fulfilling by this show.

Testament Intro

After so much gloom again something real good axes. So, let's head for the True-Metal Stage where the guys of the American trash metal band Testament were already chomping at the bit. They belong to the cofounders of this style and are already active since 1983.

Paradise Lost Intro

A premiere at the Wacken Open Air. Although the British band already exists since 1988 it is the first time that Paradise Lost is playing at Wacken. Already shortyl after foundation they got one of the style-defining bands of gothic metal and besides that gave it with their equally named album "Gothic" also the name of the style. Afterwards their style changed more towards rock with doom elements.

Gamma Ray Intro

After the first big rain showers of the day the sun was showing again and so I went over to the True Metal stage where the guys of Gamma Ray opened the day.

Manticora Intro

As it was that nice, let's remain here! To speak of Manticora as rookies would be out of place as they are existing in that way since 1996 already and brought clear power metal to stage.