Eschenbach Intro

The last day of the Wacken Open Air started and as you always should start with what you ended the day before I directly went to the Bullhead Tent. There the German junior band Eschenbach was the first item on the schedule. The guys around front men Riitchy Schwarz as well as guitarist and name giving person Philip Eschenbach showed clear rock that was pushing really good combating the fatigue.

Ghost Brigade Intro

What do you do in case that during night at 2:00 at Wacken you do not yet want to go back to the tent! Right, you head for the Bullhead Tent and watch Ghost Brigade to close the day. The six Finns around front men Manne Ikonen were delivering a great performance.

In Extremo Intro

The festial day was slowly coming towards its end and the medieval metaller of In Extremo were invited to put out the lights on Black Stage. Here not only the common metal instruments like guitars, bass and drums were used but also traditiona medieval instruments like bagpipes, shawm or harp. Although it was already quite late many remained there after the gig of In Flames and were populating the area in front of the stage when it firstly started with "Sterneneisen" the title song of their same-titled album.

In Flames Intro

Meanwhile it got completely dark and a huge crowd gathered in front of the True-Metal stage which was covered with a black cloth and they were waiting imnpatient for the Swedish melodic death metaller of In Flames. They entered the stage on time which means the intro started on time and with it the black cloth was enlightened by strong spotlights so that you were able to see many cubes. One cube was enlightened from the back so that you were able to recognize front men Anders Friden behind the cloth who seemed to be sitting on a piano. Shortly afterwards the intro stopped to be restarted once more and now all musicians were behind the cloth on stage although they could partially only be seen shadowy.

Dimmu Borgir Intro

The dawn was slowly falling and the first large highlight of the day should soon start. Beforehand there already was a quite impressive sight as not only the Prague symphonic orchestra was literally squashing them onto this huge stage, no also a huge choir standing directly behind them was there.

HammerFall Intro

The weather was really the worst on whole Wacken. At least it stabilized for the rest of the day and so the sun was shining when the guys of Hammerfall entered the True Metal stage in the evening. The Swedish had finest power metal with them and just from the start there was no holding back anymore.

Opeth Intro

Now it was the time for the second band of the day which I was looking for but that day it was not to be. Shortly after the Swedish progressive rock band Opeth entered the stage and intonated the first beats of "The Devil's Ochard" another time the rain was pouring down, not so hard but persistent so that I watched the gig unfortunately of the roofed stairway to the press area. Finally during the last two songs it was dry so far that I at least could take some photos.

The Boss Hoss Intro

The rain was over but in front of the stages the rest of the weekend it was quite muddy. Never mind! After rain sun was following and if it was only in musical form via The Boss Hoss. They were also just like Kamelot in 2010 for the last time live at Wacken and again brought their complete pack with them.

Kamelot Intro

Finally the gig that I was looking for so much. After I had seen Kamelot three years ago already on Wacken Open Air, to that time with Roy Khan as singer, so they were back again this year. As Roy quit the band due to his health and also this years tour was made with the Rhapsody Of Fire front men Fabio Lione as substitute, they came now with their new front men.

Oomph! Intro

About Oomph! the three guys from Braunschweig you do not need to make no words about. Already in 1989 the founded to make music together. First mainly in EBM sphere an insider tip they soon changed their musical orientation and got style defining for the Neue Deutsche Härte and by this also examples to szene heroes like e.g. Rammstein. Latest since their single "Augen Auf!" they are well known also to the masses and one chart success is following the other.