Lacuna Coil Intro

The first (for me, as it actually is already the second one) festival day was going to an end but not before the big headliner Lacuna Coil had played. At 23:00 it was the time and the band members entered hooded the stage.

Arch Enemy Intro

Two years ago Arch Enemy were guests for the first time and really rocked the venue. Now it was again the time but this time they started their show on time.

Delain Intro

Slowly we were getting to the headliner and the start was formed by Delain who had their new album "We Are The Others" with them. The Dutch are momentarily on their album tour and passed by also at Wieze where they did not only burn down a musical fireworks but also were the only ones that really were extensively using that on stage.

Arkona Intro

What entered the band now was the biggest surprise of the festival for me. At least I had taken a look at each single band and seen that Arkona plays Russian pagan- / folk-metal. But the songs and videos from the internet could not even give the slightest impression of what kind of hurricane all of a sudden was rising on stage.

Amberian Dawn Intro

By the Finnish symphonic power metal band Amberian Dawn a wellknown band entered the stage. Already 2009 they were visiting and now they were brought to the line-up short timed as replacement for Krypteria. They had unfortunately to cancel their show due to pregnancy of singer Ji-In Cho.

Skeptical Minds Intro

The afternoon was progressing and now it was up to another Belgian band to keep moods up high. Skeptical minds are guests not for the first time because already during the 3., 4. and 7. edition of the festival they could prove their skills.

Dimlight Intro

The Greeks again found their way into the festival in form of Dimlight. The band around front woman Sanna Salou had two albums with them ("Obtenebrations" and "Psychosynthesis") from which a nice cross section was played. She was supported by Nick on guitar, Peter on drums, whereas Nick not only was playing the guitar but also the grunting counterpart to Sanna.

Lahannya Intro

Four years ago I saw Lahannya for the first time on Metal Female Voices Fest and now for the 10th jubilee they again were able to show whether they enhanced. The British with the remarkable blue curls had just like the last time her bassist and co-songwriter Lutz Demmler with her. Completed the two were by guitarist Christopher Milden and drummer Luca Mazzucconi.

Seduce The Heaven Intro

Greece is not only due to questions around the Euro crisis on everybodys lips but also on this year's Metal Female Voices Fest it was using much space. Maybe the promoters wanted to support them that way, I don't know. But with Seduce The Heaven the first Greek band entered the stage.

Crysalys Intro

After the day started already quite promising now the first downer came. Crysalis was playing symphonic metal with gothic influences. The Italians around front woman Ciara Malvestiti tried to extend the good atmosphere but somehow that did not work.