Van Canto Article

02.08.2014 Van Canto

Wacken Open Air XXV

Wacken (Germany)

(Pentax K-5 with Sigma AF 70-200mm 2.8 EX DC APO HSM II)

After the epic songs of Avantasia we were heading for the final sprint of the Wacken. Three days left marks but at that late hour I went nevertheless over to the Party Stage where the acapella metaller of Van Canto announced a special show with lots of guests. So you could be curious who would join them on stage as they do have numerous of cover versions of big metal songs.
The stage was made up very simple without any large light effects of videos. Only some background singers were there bustling in the background of the stage when the 5 guys with their girl entered the stage at quarter past twelve where in front of it, it was still quite crowded. At first the band started with their own songs like “Fight For Your Life” and “Badaboom”. You could really feel that this evening meant something very special to them and also the audience directly followed them. Loud singing along and clapping making the enthusiastic attempts to spur on the crowd even more basically superfluous. Then with “Rebellion” the first guest star of the evening was there and nobody less than Grave Digger front man Chris Boltendahl was entering the stage to perform this song together with Van Canto. This appearance was quite predictable but not the following one of Rage guitarist Victor Smolsky having a hot duel with vocal guitarist Stefan Schmidt. This one was even overcome by the following drum solo where Bastian Emig and Jörg Michael were alternating in treating their floodlightened drum sets (I do not know what the two go-go dancers should be for but never mind). This was culminating in flames being fired from their instruments and I would say the final result was obvious: Drawn!
Many had hoped for Tarja and they were not disappointed because first she was performing her own song “Antheroom Of Death” (was the small advertising block on one’s own account) before finally there was with “Wishmaster” the well known Nightwish cover version. Of course in the end there may not the Iron Maiden cover song “Fear Of The Dark” be missing and by that after somehow 75 minutes this terrific concert was coming to an end and I could walk over completely satisfied to the True Metal Stage where Schandmaul was there to turn off the lights.


  • Dawn Of The Brave (Intro)
  • Fight For Your Life
  • Badaboom
  • Carry On (Angra Cover with Andre Matos)
  • To Sing A Metal Song
  • Rebellion (The Clans Are Marching) (Grave Digger Cover with Chris Boltendahl)
  • One To Ten (with Victor Smolski)
  • Steel Breaker
  • Drum Solo (with Bastian Emig and Jörg Michael)
  • To The Mountains
  • Anteroom Of Death (Tarja Cover with Tarja)
  • Whishmaster (Nightwish Cover with Tarja)
  • If I Die In Battle
  • The Mission / Master Of Puppets (Metallica Cover)
  • Fear Of The Dark (Iron Maiden Cover)