Finnland - USA Intro

The second expected final game of group D between Finnland and the USA. But this time with changed signs: The looser would have to go to relegation roud. Despite the result of 3:2 seemed to be quite tight for the Finns they were all the time the superior team of this evening and entered the qualification round while the USA were completely disappointing and completely deserved to play only relegation round.

Denmark - Germany Intro

The expected final game of group D with Germany versus Denmark. But not against the relegation round but surprisingly playing about the lead of this group. Despite a lead of 1:0 by the Danish the Germans were not broken their stride and after a convincing presentation won 3:1 and continued to play at the qualification round.

Belarus - Slovakia Intro

On 11.05.2010 the match Belarus versus Slovakia took place at the Lanxess-Arena at Cologne. The Slovaks were the better team that day and were able to win the duel by 4:2.

Germany - Finnland Intro

On the evening of 10.05.2010 the Germans faced the Finns at the Lanxess-Arena at Cologne. The Finns first took over the lead by 1:0 against hesitant performing Germans. During the last period the Germans were loosing their respect of the Finns and increased the pressure. Unfortunately this late comeback was not rewarded and so the Finns went of the ice as winners.

Slovakia - Russia Intro

At the evening of 09.05.2010 the preliminary round game between Slovakia and Russia took place at the Lanxess-Arena Cologne in front of an impressive audience. The Slovaks were equal to the Russians across long periods of the game, but unfortunately had to finally admit defeat by 3:1.

Belarus - Kazakhstan Intro

Belarus as well as the promoted team of Kazakhstan were not fancied in their group A but nevertheless it was not a boring game which was shown on 09.05. at the Lanxess-Arena at Cologne.

Finnland - Denmark Intro

The only game at the Cologne Lanxess-Arena on Saturday evening was played by Finnland and Denmark. Actually this should have been an easy warm-up for the Finns in front of the game against the Germans but unfortunately (or fortunately) the Danes were not of the same opinion. And so Pekka Rinne seemed to think that he was in the wrong film when first Frans Nielsen in minute 3 scored the 1:0 lead and Peter Regin in minute 6 increased to 2:0.

USA - Germany Intro

On 07.05.2010 at the Arena of Schalke Germany and the USA met. During this game a new world record was created by having 77.803 visitors at an ice hockey game. Accordingly the athmosphere was extremely good in the sold out arena.