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Russia - Czech Republic Article

22.07.2010 Final day of the icehockey WC online

Now also the last two games of the Ice Hockey WC 2010 are online. Besides the bronze game where the German national team lost against the Swedish there was the final at the evening between Czech Republic and Russia. There the runaway favourite Russia was very fast shown that they could do nothing this evening and also their angry attacks were useless. After 60 minutes the Czech Republic was the new world champion beating the Russian by 2:1.

Additionally the pictures of the reception of the German national team during the break between the bronze game and the final game next to the Cologne Lanxess-Arena are online. With that all pictures of all games that I saw at the Lanxess-Arena and the Arena at Schalke are online now. In total 2864 pictures and more work than expected. But in my point of view the stress not only during the games viewed but also the rework was worth it. I hope that you are of the same opinion and wish you much fun with the pictures.

The next days I will rework the short reviews of each single game just as I will do with some other stuff of the website.


23.05.2010 BG Sweden - Germany at the Lanxess Arena at Cologne (D)
23.05.2010 Reception of the German national team near the Lanxess Arena at Cologne (D)
23.05.2010 FG Russia - Czech Republic at the Lanxess Arena at Cologne (D)

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