Battlelore Article

02.11.2011 Great 9th edition of the festival at the Oktoberhallen

Because of the not very promising line-up I first travelled to Belgium with mixed feelings just to be disabused. The situation on the camping ground had improved compared to the previous years as sanitary installations were much better and also a container where you could take a shower was available. Unfortunately the cow pasture (this year it was again a different one due to the swamp desaster of last year) still was a big mess. The numerous cow pats were only partially poorly covere by sawdust (but that did not help in any way) and additionally the field was an extreme mogul slope. I am hoping for next year that there will be again further improvements with respect to that.

Musically there were well know bands from last years like Leaves' Eyes, Dylath-Leen, Trail Of Tears or Doro. The line up was completed by newcomers like Hänging Doll or Diaries Of My Nightmares. Overall it was a quite good and relaxed weekend. Of this only the first two bands of Friday evening are now available online with pictures and reviews: Xandria was the opener for me and afterwards followed the Finns of Battlelore on stage. The first band of the evening Bare Infinity I missed unfortunately due to a traffic jam at Bruxelles where I got stuck in. During the next weeks, like always, I will put more pictures and reviews of the missing bands online.


21.10.2011 Xandria - Metal Female Voices Fest IX at Wieze (B)
21.10.2011 Battlelore - Metal Female Voices Fest IX at Wieze (B)