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Saltatio Mortis Article

Awesome Saltatio Mortis concert

In front of a sell-out crowd first the Hungarian band Firkin opened the evening and did not have to do much to make the audience moving. The atmosphere was immediately at the boiling point and did not cool down during the break for changing the stage setup. At no concert up to now I experienced the crowd singing along the songs from tape loudly. At roughly 21:30 Saltatio Mortis finally entered the stage and displayed the fireworks for 2 hours. Nearly everything of the new album “Brot Und Spiele” supplemented by some older crackers. The crowd was going nuts and the band was obviously stricken and enthusiastic. At least it was their up to now largest single tour concert. For all those who were there definitively had an unforgettable evening.


03.11.2018 Firkin
03.11.2018 Saltatio Mortis

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