In Extremo Article

Varied Final Day

The last festival day was packing a punch again. Everything was offered: classical heavy metal, medieval rock, symphonic death metal and others. The day started at more comfortable temperatures in front of the Louder Stage.
There solid power metal was offered by Riot V before I went over to the Harder Stage where more complex and faster sounds were presented by Wintersun. After classical heavy metal with Night Demon at the unfortunately not so filled tent Spoil Engine was really displaying the fireworks afterwards. Back at the infield Gojira impressively showed why they are one of the real big ones within their genre already for years now. Steel Panther disappointed me this year. The music was good as usual but the saucy talks between were too long and not to the point in my opinion so that it was from a certain point in time annoying. With Ensiferum and Sólstafir the musical travel through the evening continued where especially the Icelander made a lasting impression on me. The culmination was formed by the death symphonic metaller of Dimmu Borgir before In Extremo atmospherically put out the lights.
It was a great Wacken Open Air where the weather was really good (due to the heat it was very dusty but with lots of water it was quite bearable), there was again a huge bandwidth of terrific bands and once again you simply have to thank everybody of organization, security and technics that helped to make such an awesome festival happen!


04.08.2018 Riot V
04.08.2018 Wintersun
04.08.2018 Night Demon
04.08.2018 Spoil Engine
04.08.2018 Gojira
04.08.2018 Steel Panther
04.08.2018 Ensiferum
04.08.2018 Sólstafir
04.08.2018 Dimmu Borgir
04.08.2018 In Extremo