Trail Of Tears Article

21.10.2012 Trail Of Tears

Metal Female Voices Fest X

Oktoberhallen Wieze (Belgium)

(Pentax K-5 with Tamron SP AF 17-50mm 2.8 XR Di II LD Asp IF and Sigma AF 50-150mm 2.8 EX DC APO HSM II)

After the Norwegian gothic metaller of Trail Of Tears were already guests last year, they could go for it once more this year. And without to tell too much the show was great as usual!
Directly to the beginning the band members ran onto the stage with their instruments, first of all the guitarists Pal Olsen and Bjorn Erik Naess as well as bassist Endre Moe. But also drummer Cato Jensen should not be forgotten. Shortly afterwards followed the two singers to the roaring sounds of "Splendid Coma Visions". Rony Thorsen immediately threw his grunts into the audience whereafter Cathrine Paulsen was forming the powerful clear voice opposite during the refrains.
Just like the year before there was again a nice compilation mainly from "Bloodstrained Endurance" the latest album. Catherine found between the songs even the time to change her outfit. All of the band were really going for it and that was felt by the crowd. So the musicians did not have to strian themselves as in front of the stage the level of atmosphere was continously rising (after Sarah Jezebel Deva that was easy). Both front men were full of energy and when one of them had a little break the it was used to push the audience even higher to go with them. In the end there were even two pieces of the 2013 released album ("Crimson Leaves On The Trail Of Tears" and "Eradicate"). This really was whetting the appetite for an upcoming terrific new album.
In my opinion the show was again fully worth it. I have never seen a show of Trail Of Tears that somehow disappointed me and it stayed like this also after this gig. So my advice to everybody that has one of the rare shows of Trail Of Tears nearby to absolutely visit it. It will absolutely be worth it! For me the only thing that remains is looking forward to the new album!


  • Splendid Coma Visions
  • Denial And Pride
  • In The Valley Of Ashes
  • A Storm At Will
  • Crimson Leaves On The Trail Of Tears
  • Once Kissed By The Serpent (Twice Bitten by Truth)
  • My Comfort
  • Farewell To Sanity
  • As It Penetrates
  • Eradicate