Amon Amarth Intro

So, a week of hard work is lying behind me but I did it: All remaining bands of Friday and Saturday are prepared and the reviews written. Wow! I wish you a lot of joy with all the bands as there are:

Dead By April Intro

It took a little bit longer than you are used to but finally the first pictures and reviews of this years Wacken Open Air are ready. There are junior-bands like Epsilon, Exuviated or Faanefjell, newcomer like Santiano, Dead By April, Amaranthe, Winterstorm and Kellermensch, as well as routiniers like Saxon and Volbeat. It really was nice and on the first two days also dry. A "contemplative" opening after which you wanted more!

Norway Intro

No, there are not yet pictures from Wacken available (But I will start today with them, I promise!) because the last two weeks I spent beautiful days in the south of Norway. Starting at Oslo my trip went by Stavanger and Bergen up to the Geiranger-Fjord. From this evening on you can take a look at some impressions from that tour at the landscapes category.

Saxon Intro

Wacken Open Air 2012 is history and will remain in mind not only because of the music but also because of the weather. It was alternating between sunburn and floaties. On Wednesday and Thursday it was warm and sunny but on Friday during the Kamelot concert it started raining cats and dogs for the first time so that the festival area looked like the mud flat. This was even getting worse by further rain showers during the festival.

Apocalyptica Intro

Soon will be there. Only 50 days left and anticipation is rising day by day. Already for the 7th time in a row the promoters announced a sold out and the 75000 tickets were out of stock faster than ever before. Already in November the sold out reached. The line-up is huge (nearly 150 bands) and all kinds of rock and metal are there so that there are possibilities for newcomers and already established bands.

Nemesea Intro

On 01.06.2012 the two Dutch rock bands Nemesea and Delain were guests at the Atak at Enschede. Nemesea was the starter with their current album "The Quiet Resistance" sounding much more grown up now. This they proved also with their live performance which enthused the audience.

BRDigung Intro

On Saturday evening BRDigung and Frei.Wild visited the Essen Gruga-Halle for their final concert of the "Alleine Nach Vorne" tour. Directly from the start they were pushing quite hard and nobody was thinking of the originally planned club concert taking place at a hall in front of 4500 guests. Two bands completely having fun on stage and an audience following them blindly made the concert a really great one!

Stream Of Passion Intro

Last Friday Epica stood on stage at the sold-out 013 at Tilburg to present their new album "Requiem For The Indifferent". As support act the Dutch-Mexican band Stream Of Passion joined them presenting a great set across their three released albums. So the crowd was already well temperatured when Epica finally entered the stage at 21:15 and played all songs of their new album. The set was filled up with old ones making it really a great one. But unfortunately the new songs are not all suitable for live-performance so that I have to admit that I already saw better shows of them. Nevertheless also despite of that it was a good concert where I was having quite a lot of fun.

GEC Ritter Nordhorn - Romijnder Devils Nijmegen Intro

Last Friday on 09.03.2012 the current Dutch champion of the second icehockey league visited Nordhorn. What sounds that big finally ended up in not being a suitable opponent for the Ritter who sent them home with a 12:4. Unnecessarily it was again a penalty festival on both sides having its culmination in the last third where a mass brawl took place. So it still remains that the Ritter are waiting for an adequate opponent on their homeground and are now able to fully concentrate on winning the championship.

Deathstars Intro

On this years "Made In Germany" tour the followers stopped on 04.03.2012 at the Ahoy Rotterdam. The renewed and modernized arena was a great place for the Swedish industrial and gothic metal men of Deathstars to show their skills. Their entertaining show prepared the audience for the main act of the evening: Rammstein. Two hours they were moving the crowd in front of the stage. Lots of pyros and great show ideas were surrounding the best-of compilation with a cross section of all their albums. A really great show, fantastic moods on and in front of the stage letting one go home with a big smile on the face.