Belarus - Kazakhstan Intro

With the games Belarus - Kazakhstan and Slovakia - Russia the first weekend of the ice hockey WC is completed.

Finnland - Denmark Intro

We continue with the second pre-round game from the Cologne arena Finnland - Denmark. There the Danes completely surprisingly and additionally very obvious bet the Finnish by 4:1.

Within Temptation Intro

Finally I finished the rework of the pictures I took at Steenwijk during the Theatre Tour and put them online. In parallel I additionally optimised some things of the website so that the way the pictures are shown should now be of improved quality.

USA - Germany Intro

The first pictures of the ice hockey WC 2010 are now online. They are of the opening game Germany - USA at the Arena auf Schalke. I only had my small camera with me, so the quality of the pictures is not that good.

In Legend Intro

Today the website has gone online. First there are unfortunately only pictures of the concert of In Legend and Van Canto at the Pitcher at Düsseldorf on 26.03.2010 available.