Sin7sinS Intro

Slowly I am getting to the first quarter of the year and so finally the pictures and review for the concert of Epica at the sold out Hedon at Zwolle is online. Support act were the Dutch newcomer of Sin7sinS who also already supported Revamp at the Atak at Enschede and were opener for them.

Midnattsol Intro

On 23.04.2011 the two bands Midnattsol and Leaves' Eyes presented their new albums released the day before at the Atak at Enschede. They were supported by the Austrian symphonic metal band Serenity.

Evergrey Intro

On 10.05.2011 Kamelot was guest at the Cologne Live Music Hall and had not fewer than three support acts with them: Sons Of Seasons (the project of Kamelot keyboarder Oliver Palotai), Amaranthe and Evergrey. Chaos with the time when the concert should start, very mixed music styles and great uncertainty how Kamelot would perform without Khan. They presented a lot and it was quite fun but some questions were left open in the end. It was very dark inside the hall but nevertheless I was able to take at least some usable pictures of the bands.

Eurovision Song Contest Intro

It has been quite a while that there was an update on the website but this will change now. I had built a new computer and for many components I had to wait quite a while due to delivery delays. High professional workload was also there so this is really the first news from my side in this year. That was not very uneventful and so during the upcoming weeks a lot of new picutres will find their way onto the website.

Epica Intro

After a long time I really did it and went through the left overs of concert pictures to get them online. These are from the Metal Female Voices Fest VII in the year 2009. More or less my love for taking pictures at concerts was born there. The pictures are not of that good quality (at least I hope that I learned something to produce better ones meanwhile) but I hope that you will like them anyhow and that you get a slight impression of this great festival.

Rammstein Intro

As you already may have seen I finally was able to renew the foundation and the structure of the website to a new and hopefully better state. From now on not only more concerts are online (Rammstein, Metal Female Voices Fest VIII, etc.), but also some futher categories like landscapes. Furthermore there are corrections and updates of the reviews (this will be continued and is not yet finished for all galleries).

Steelwing Intro

On Saturday the 09.10.2010 Blind Guardian stopped at the Philipshalle at Düsseldorf. As support acts they had the Swedish newcomers Steelwing and the vocal metal artists of Van Canto with them.

Kamelot Intro

On 04.08. of this year it was the day: The largest metal festival on earth opened and thousands of metal latters pilgrimed to the holy place. Pictures of 25 of 27 concerts I have seen (during the third last concert the last akku was empty) are online from today on.

Sweden - Germany Intro

Now also the last two games of the Ice Hockey WC 2010 are online. Besides the bronze game where the German national team lost against the Swedish there was the final at the evening between Czech Republic and Russia. There the runaway favourite Russia was very fast shown that they could do nothing this evening and also their angry attacks were useless. After 60 minutes the Czech Republic was the new world champion beating the Russian by 2:1.

Sweden - Czech Republic Intro

On 22.05. first in the afternoon the Swedes met the Czech Republic. In a tough game finally the Czech Republic was able to win after a shootout with 3:2.