Finnland - Czech Republic Intro

On 20. May you were able to watch the teams of Canada and Czech Republic for the first time at Cologne. During the afternoon the Finns and the Czech Republic met. In this game the Czech Republic was able to defeat the Canadians after a shootout.

Slovakia - Germany Intro

With the two games Russia versus Finnland and Slovakia against Germany the qualification round is finished. During the first game the Russian did not spend much efforts on beating the Finns with 5:0. On the second game of the day the Germans were able to win through a 2:1 against Slovakia and by this earn the quarter final ticket.

Finnland - Slovakia Intro

On the one hand the pictures of the qualification round game between Finnland and Slovakia are online. In this game the Scandinavians were able to win safely by 5:2.

France - USA Intro

The completion of 16.05. is made by the games France - USA and Denmark - Russia. In the first game of the day after a really weak game the Americans were able to defeat the French by 4:0 whilst the Russians wiped away the Danish by 6:1.

Germany - Belarus Intro

After the German national team was surprisingly strong against the Russians with Belarus the next strong opponent was waiting for them already the next day. After a tough game where you could see very obviously that the Germans were not playing at full strength they had to surrender after overtime by 1:2.

Finnland - Belarus Intro

With the games Finnland against Belarus and Russia against Germany the first game day of the qualification round was completed. Belarus lost against the Finns by 2:0 and Germany after a great fight lost only narrowly against strong Russians by 2:3.

Russia - Belarus Intro

Today even three new games are online. On the one hand the closure of the pre round phase of group A, where the Russians beat the Belarusians by 3:1 and the Slovaks sending the Kazakhs into the relegation round by a 5:1 victory.

Denmark - Germany Intro

With the two games of Denmark versus Germany (1:3) and the evening game Finnland versus USA (3:2) the third and final pre-round game day of group D was finished. After this Germany and Finnland as well as Denmark went on to the qualification round, whilst the Americans had to play after a very weak performance shown in the relegation group.

Belarus - Slovakia Intro

Further pictures of the ice hockey WC from the 4:2 victory of the Slovaks against the Belarusians are from now on online.

Germany - Finnland Intro

On 10.05.2010 Germany was playing against Finnland. The hesitantly playing Germans were behind 1:0 during the second period to give up the respect (unfortunately too late) during the last period. However the comeback was not successfull and so the Finnish left the ice as winners.