Saxon Article

12.12.2011 Great concerts of the grand old men

Although the Metropool was sold out the hall filled very unhurriedly like it is usual at the Netherlands. So there weren't many people around when the support act Crimes Of Passion opened the evening. But those who were there did not regret that. Very nice classical heavy metal was presented and afterwards it should even get better.

Next ones were the Canadians from Anvil and they really had fireworks of good moods on stage. Only because of them the trip to Hengelo was already worth it. In my point of view Saxon was not able to beat that but also they played a great gig with old pearls and not so good songs from the new album (just my two cents). But overall it was a very nice evening.


26.11.2011 Crimes Of Passion at the Metropool at Hengelo (NL)
26.11.2011 Anvil at the Metropool at Hengelo (NL)
26.11.2011 Saxon at the Metropool at Hengelo (NL)