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30.05.2018 What to watch? So many possibilities!: Wacken 2018

Only 63 days left, then it is once again the time: Wacken Open Air 2018! Other than the previous years there are still tickets available, but I think that also this year the promoters are able to announce: “Sold Out”. What is the reason for selling tickets more gently I cannot tell, the line-up seems not to be the reason. There are many well-known names joining but also many newcomer.


Well known famous: Judas Priest, Danzig und Children Of Bodom

There are not only famous veteran of metal joining like Judas Priest or Doro who could of course not leave out Wacken on her jubilee tour. Also the comet-like ascending bands like Ghost will be guests. Nightwish will have to prove whether they are able to overcome their great show of 2013 where they did not only pyrotechnical set the True Metal Stage on fire but also musically.
Something very special Halloween will present as the band will bring their greatest classics to stage at original line-up. Among them also seldom played songs. Their only festival show of this year Running Wild especially saved up for Wacken and I am already heavily looking forward to it. Just like to the guys and girls of Schandmaul who for sure will again create a very special atmosphere on and in front of the stage.


Always worth it: Nightwish

But there are not only the big ones playing on the main stages. In Bullhead tent there will not only be the bands of the Metal Battle playing for victory on W:E:T and Headbanger Stage but also famous smaller bands like Watain or Solstafir. Besides that, at the Wackinger Village the Wackinger Stage will be visited by many medieval bands but also for example by Heidevolk or Leaves’ Eyes. At the beer garden there will be good mood with bands like Onkel Tom or John Diva And The Rockets Of Love. Not to forget the Wasteland Stage where it will happen eschatologically with among other things Act Of Defiance or Jasad.


Always ensuring good atmosphere: Schandmaul, Steel Panther und Ensiferum

In each case there is musically something for everyone (although I do have the impression that the black / death metal area is this year somehow sparsely populated). Anyhow I am really looking forward to see the field again. So see you at Wacken 2018: Rain or Shine!



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