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Great mini-festival at the 013 at Tilburg (NL)!

After a long time when I only released old pictures of bygone concerts online there is finally something contemporary. On 14.04.2018 Epica celebrated their 1000. concert at the 013 at the Dutch Tilburg together with many other bands. It was the place where everything began in 2002 and it should become a wonderful afternoon and evening. With bands of completely different styles there was really something for everybody presented until finally at 21:00 Epica entered the stage displaying really the fireworks.


14.04.2018 Nightmare
14.04.2018 Oceans Of Slumber
14.04.2018 MaYaN
14.04.2018 Myrkur
14.04.2018 Lacuna Coil
14.04.2018 Epica