Midnattsol Intro

Already last year Midnattsol should perform on the Metal Female Voices Fest, but they got stuck in a traffic jam and had to cancel. This year, the Norwegian/German band arrived at time at the festival but lead singer Carmen Elise Espenaes (the sister of Leaves‘ Eyes lead singer Liv Kristine) had a virus infection and was due to that not in full possession of her voice (it was clearly audible when she was talking to the audience).

Krypteria Intro

Before the festival it has been uncertain if the German/Korean band Krypteria would perform at all because the whole tour had been canceled. The reason for this was guitarist Chris Siemons having heavy issues with his back. But thank god (and some painkilling syringes) they were able to go onto the stage at Metal Female Voices Fest VII.

Flowing Tears Intro

Also with Flowing Tears coming from Germany a more dark and quiet atmosphere onto the stage. Especially the powerful voice of lead singer Helen Vogt stood out of their performance.

Autumn Intro

The Dutch around lead singer Marjan Welman took it more easy after the very lively performance of Amberian Dawn. No pyros, no stunning lights, dances or costumes.

Amberian Dawn Intro

Directly after Kivimetsan Druidi it was time for the second Finnish band of the festival: Amberian Dawn. The band plays symphonic metal and offered all your heart can desire.

Kivimetsän Druidi Intro

With the Finns Kivimetsän Druidi it finally got more lively. The folk-metal band around Leeni-Maria Hovilla showed loudly that they had much to go for. By songs like "Blacksmith" or "The Tyrant" the style of music got much harder than anything that had been shown that day. In addition, Joni Koskinens growls contributed a lot to it.

Manic Movement Intro

The only local heroes (if you could call it like this), at least the only Belgian band of this festival was not able to raise the weak vibes after Unsun’s performance either.

Unsun Intro

Unsun is the first of two Polish bands on this festival entering the stage. But all in all there is not much to write about them. The show (if you could call it like that) was very modest and also from music point of view Unsun kept quite insipid.

Whyzdom Intro

Second band of the day was the French Metal Female Voices Contest winner Whyzdom. The stage was immediately getting crowded due to The Dark Whispers Choir supporting them and although it was still before 12:00 the vibes were getting significantly better.

Pinky Doodle Poodle Intro

From far Japan Pinky Doodle Poodle came to Wieze to be the opener for the seventh Metal Female Voices Fest. There were some linguistic barriers and overall it was not exorbitant amazing what the Asians offered as punk to the audience.