Mr. Big Intro

Oh my god! There were a lot of youth memories coming back into my mind. At the beginning of the 90s the guys of Mr. Big had reached at least at Germany their highest level of familiarity with the two ballads “Wild World” and “To Be With You” and now they were able for the very first time to prove on the Louder Stage that they were capable of more than only cuddle songs.

Korpiklaani Intro

After Amorphis directly the next Finns. Korpiklaani just released their latest much celebrated opus called “Kulkija”. But nevertheless there are only two songs being played of it which are “Henkselipoika” and “Kotikonnut”.

Amorphis Intro

Let’s stay on the Scandinavian side. With the Finns of Amorphis there was the second highlight of the day directly afterwards. The men around singer Tomi Joutsen stormed onto the Faster Stage on time to directly start furious with the opener of their current album “Queen Of Time” “The Bee”.

Kellermensch Intro

My personal first highlight of the day. Somehow by accident I came across the Danish guys from Kellermensch during Wacken 2012. And now, 6 years later I meet them again at the very same place. And yet, they did not lose any of their charisma.

Judas Priest Intro

The last time that I saw Judas Priest, who are besides Iron Maiden pioneers for the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, was back in 2011 on the Wacken Open Air. To that time the concert took place in line with their Epitaph tour and this tour should be the last world tour of the band. Meanwhile we do have 2018 and Judas Priest just released with “Firepower” their 18. studio album. Of course they had to go on world tour with it.

Hatebreed Intro

Was Behemoth already quite heavy, it should continue to stay like that. Hatebreed the American metalcore old hands were direct subsequently guests on the Louder Stage. And it was getting loud! And dusty as well! The crowd in front of the stage was not comparable to the one at Behemoth prior to this. Everyone that gathered here exactly knew beforehand: It was not only getting straight down to the nitty-gritty on stage but also in front of it!

Behemoth Intro

On stage it was getting gloomy. The Polish death metal export hit Behemoth was the one to set the first exclamation mark of the day on the Harder Stage. An inferno was set free being without equal. Again and again fire accompanied by most brutal metal thunderstorm that was how “singer” Adam Michael “Nergal” Darski was presenting himself and his allies being at their best. Friends of tougher way of music were fully getting their money’s worth.

Oomph! Intro

It has been six years since that I watched Oomph! for the last time at the Wacken Open Air. To that time the stage was called Party Stage and they were living up to that name. Today it is called Louder Stage and again the name was saying it all. Since their 25th jubilee in 2015 there was no new album released but that did not do any harm as the chosen songs were also making the people in front of the stage move.

Vince Neil Intro

Mötley Crue is unfortunately history but the former front man Vince Neil did not yet want to retire. And so, he honored the holy Wacken ground with a best-of Mötley Crüe show in which he really performed all great hits of the bad without exception. But in the beginning he kept ones waiting for some time as first only the AC/DC classic “For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)” boomed out of the loudspeaker followed by the Pulp Fiction Intro before Vince Neil finally entered the stage.

Tremonti Intro

In the afternoon I went onto the main area for the first time in front of the Louder Stage. Here Alter Bridge and Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti presented with his equally named band songs of their current album “A Dying Machine”. That is a great concept album which was released in June. From style point of view you could classify Tremonti best into the melodic thrash area rather than anything else.