Myrkur Intro

After MaYaN I decided to have a short break to get something to eat. This mini festival will continue some more hours so that a small refreshment will be not that bad. So I only watched half of the performance of Myrkur. The Danish singer Amalie Bruun running this solo project together with her nameless instrumentalists.

Mayan Intro

The first highlight of the day was for sure the gig of MaYaN. That was not only obvious due to the quite well filled venue but also due to the efforts spent on the stage. At least during that show not less than 11 musicians should populate the stage.

Oceans Of Slumber Intro

Directly after the classic heavy metaller of Nightmare the stage was hectically rearranged and during the beginning of the gig of the US American progressive metal band Oceans Of Slumber it seemed as if not all sound settings were finished correctly.

Nightmare Intro

Today the 1000. Epica concert should take place at the same location where everything started in 2002. And so you could look forward to a mini festival with many companioned bands of which the French Nightmare should be the opener.

Manowar Intro

One of my wishes should be fulfilled on 14.01.2015 as on that evening I went to the Grugahalle to watch the self-proclaimed Kings Of Metal of Manowar live. Outside it was seasonable cold and it took quite long until you entered the venue. Luckily, I was standing quite near to the front of the schedule so that I was on time inside the venue. Some others had bad luck and finally entered right to the start of the concert. What was the reason for that I am not able to tell.

Sabaton Intro

Already before the concert had started it was loudly chanted „Noch ein Bier!“ before the Swedish entered the stage after the used intro “The Final Countdown” by Europe and their own intro “The March To War”. After that, they directly delivered a broadside by “Ghost Division”.

Delain Intro

After the Finnish of Battle Beast it continued just as atmospheric with Delain. Unfortunately, front woman Charlotte Wessels was not at her best that evening due to that the one or the other sound was failing but that was easily compensated by the performance of the whole band.

Battle Beast Intro

Sabaton is doing the honor to the Turbinenhalle at Oberhausen and as opener of the evening they brought the Finnish metaller of Battle Beast with them. Stylistic inspired by bands like Iron Maiden, Manowar or Judas Priest the four men and the lady directly put the first exclamation mark of the evening.

Schandmaul Intro

Wacken 2014 is nearly history, but only nearly. Because there is still the final concert of the German medieval / folk rocker of Schandmaul to come. Numbers were dwindling as usual but the ones who stayed should be rewarded with a really great show.

Van Canto Intro

After the epic songs of Avantasia we were heading for the final sprint of the Wacken. Three days left marks but at that late hour I went nevertheless over to the Party Stage where the acapella metaller of Van Canto announced a special show with lots of guests. So you could be curious who would join them on stage as they do have numerous of cover versions of big metal songs.